Yahoo News Today: U.S. deputy attorney General To Resign By March 2019

Yahoo News Today: U.S. deputy attorney General To Resign By March 2019
According to (Yahoo News Today) Justice Rod Rosenstein, the U.S. deputy attorney general who appointed special counsel Robert Mueller to investigate possible ties between Russia and President Donald Trump’s campaign, is expected to step down by mid March, a Justice Department official said on Monday.

Yahoo News TodayRosenstein had been expected to depart shortly after new Attorney General William Barr took over. Barr was confirmed by the U.S. Senate last week.

Bruce Campbell Plane House in Hillsboro woods Oregon
If you found a plane in the woods, what would you imagine? Is this the wreck of a mysterious plane crash? Or an old plane graveyard? If it happens to be in Hillsboro, Oregon, then that’s just the not-so-humble abode of Bruce Campbell, a retired electrical engineer and very inventive man.Bruce likes to turn planes that would have otherwise become scrap metal into beautiful up cycled masterpieces.Continue!!!

Weight loss For Women Both Older And Younger.
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Biggest Fear of Trumps on USA Border Wall Push
Biggest Fear of Trumps on USA Border Wall Push
The president is going to build the wall,” Mulvaney said on “Fox News for ABC Naija on Sunday.
This is going to get built with or without Congress. Mulvaney’s words come as another potential government shutdown looms. Lawmakers have until Friday to craft a deal that the president would sign on to.Continue

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