Marathon Training: Marathon Training for Beginners

Marathon Training: Marathon Training for Beginners
marathon training plan intermediate has been organized for beginners, mostly starters or first timers.
marathon training plan in miles is a good way to start, more especially if you’re super overwhelmed when you Google “marathon training plans,” you’re not alone.

Marathon TrainingA great plan will include four different things: a build up to a long run that’s at least 20 miles, a rest day following that long run, cross-training, and a pre-race taper. As for duration, how long you should train depends on your own personal fitness and experience level and the expert or authority you’re following, but you should expect to incorporate speed work, hills, and long runs. Generally speaking, most training plans span from 12 to 20 weeks.For beginner marathon training, you need a marathon time table to work with, we have prepared special guid time table for you to start with.

Complete marathon time table schedule:
1. First-Timers Marathon (16 weeks, 12–40 miles per week)
2. Beginner Marathon (16 weeks, 16–44 miles per week)
3. Intermediate Marathon (16 weeks, 26–51 miles per week)
4. Advanced Marathon (16 weeks, 34–65 miles per week)
5. 20-Week Marathon (20 weeks, 12–44 miles per week)
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These are few questions that people ask and on our next post we are going to walk through those questions so you can get the write answers.
a. How long does it take to go from couch to marathon?
b. How does a beginner train for a marathon?
c. Can you train for a marathon in 3 months?
d. Is it possible to run a marathon without training?

It’s critical for you to be honest with yourself about what level of a runner you are. Beginner and aging marathon runners will need more time to recover from the demands of training, which means they’ll need more time to build up to the longest run. These runners may find themselves at the 20-week end of the spectrum, running five days a week (on average), and never increasing their weekly mileage by more than 10 percent each week. Seasoned marathoners and elites alike will be looking at a plan that’s closer to 12 and 16 weeks, running at least four days a week.

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