How To Play LOTTOMANIA On Phone Using USSD Code

How To Play LOTTOMANIA On Phone Using USSD Code
How to play LOTTOMANIA on phone will be our next topic to handle and in this article you will learn how to play lottomania on phone using USSD Code.
Lottomania nigeria is one of the few lotto bookmakers in Nigeria that has various ways of playing their daily games which includes POS terminal, playing on website and also playing with your small phone too with ussd code.


You can aswell reach out to their website with the following url (, that is if you want to play direct from the website.

Playing Via USSD:
Dial *873*1# To Subscribe.


Or Dial *873# And Select Your Options.


  1. SUBSCRIBE: Stand a chance to win EVERY day
  2. SUBSCRIBE: Stand a chance to win EVERY day
  3. ENTER LUCKY NUMBERS: Choose 6 numbers separated by a coma e.g.: 1,13,27,33,59,71
  4. QUICK PICK: You get 6 generated random numbers
  5. PRIZE STRUCTURE: To see what you will win
  6. CUSTOMIZE ENTRY: To change numbers already submitted
  7. DRAW/TICKET STATUS: To check if the draw was held or if the ticket won
  8. PAYMENT OPTION: To choose how you want to get paid
  9. UNSUBSCRIBE: To unsubscribe from the service
  10. NEXT: Go to the next Page on the Menu

0. MAIN MENU: Return to the Main Menu from Second Page


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