How To Play Baba Ijebu Online Using MTN Line

How To Play Baba Ijebu Online Using MTN Line
How to play baba ijebu online using MTN line has been established here, That you can now play any of the Baba Ijebu daily lotto draws from your MTN number, using your airtime credit.
Playing a game could not be easier… all you have to do is dial *755# to gain access to the Baba Ijebu Mobile Gaming Service.
Once you have confirmed you are over 18, and accepted the terms and conditions (T&C) you then have the option to choose the two most popular games on Baba Ijebu, NAP2 and PERM2.


NAP2 involves picking two numbers from 1-90. You then have the option to stake ₦50, ₦100 or ₦250, with the money coming straight from your airtime credit.
If you win you receive 240 times your stake back.

So for example……if you staked 50 Naira and your 2 numbers are drawn out of 5 winning numbers, you would win ₦12,000, for ₦100 you stand to win ₦24,000 and for ₦250 you stand to win ₦60,000!!!!!!!

PERM2 involves picking between 2-10 numbers from the pool of 1-90. You then have the chance to run various line permutations, where you perm together all of the numbers you have chosen.

An example would be picking four numbers – 12, 29, 46, 52. This would mean you are staking 6 lines:

how to play baba ijebu online12-29






If you staked ₦50 per line, your total stakes would be ₦300. Two winning numbers, like with NAP2, pays 240 times the money.
Once you have selected your numbers, you then choose which draw you would like to take part in. We have 6 draws ** every day from Monday to Saturday at 9:45am, 12:45pm, 3:45pm, 7:30pm, 7:30pm (Ghana draw) and 10:45pm. On Sundays we have 4 draws ** at 12:45pm, 3:45pm, 7:30pm and 10:45pm. We do not observe public holidays! Visit our Baba Ijebu Results Schedule page for further information

All players will receive a text message with the winning numbers. Winning players will be sent an SMS, which instructs them how to collect their winnings. You can also check results for all Baba Ijebu games on our Premier Lotto Result page.

To receive your winnings, you will have to open a mobile money account with Diamond Yellow Account and follow the instructions to receive payment. To do this you will need to dial *710#
Should you have any queries relating to how you collect your winnings, please call 0809 028 4838 or visit our contact page.
How to play baba ijebu lotto on phone have been for a very long time but not everyone is patronizing it as some people prefer to play at any nearest retailer outlet around him or her than going through the vigorous process of dialing and responding to code instructions.

The Baba Ijebu Lotto Mobile Gaming Service is currently available to MTN customers only.