Get USA Visa Without Wasting 900K On Hungry Agents

Get USA Visa Without Wasting 900K On Hungry Agents


                                  REVEALED: The “4 Fail Proof Insider And Underground Secrets” That Ordinary Nigerians Like You Are Now Using In 2019 To Easily And Successfully Get An Approved 2 Years, Non Immigrant US Visa Without Paying A Kobo To Agents {And How You Can Raise Money For Free To Travel Abroad}…

When You​ Use This 4 Fail Proof US VISA Insider Secrets Today, You Will Soon Get Your Passport (Virgin or Non-Virgin) Stamped With A 2 Years US VISA, If You Don’t, You Will Keep Struggling And Wasting Over N900,000 To Get A US VISA.

If you have been denied US Visa before, this “4 fail proof US VISA insider secrets” is what you need right now to ensure that your visa is approved the next time you apply​!

Dear friend,

My name is Olagbaju Oladotun

And the first thing you should know about me is…I am NOT a Visa or Travel Agent.

I am an Expert, Experienced, Knowledgeable and Seasoned Travel Consultant and not a visa agent or an ordinary/Inexperienced travel agent.

In fact, the ONE thing I consider myself an expert about is on USA Visa And their Policy:

I Think I Know How Any Nigerian Can Get An Approved 2 Years Non-Immigrant US Visa Without Spending A Kobo On Agents…
I know because I got a 99% positive testimonials and feedback rates from Nigerians who actually followed the simple, straight forward, well explained and step by step instructions in my POPULAR, BEST SELLING AND AWARD WINNING USA VISA PROGRAM (VIDEO and PDF) which was the result of my 10 months rigorous research on how any Nigerian can successfully get a US Visa without spending a kobo on agents after my dad lost over N900,000 to these hungry visa agents out there.

I packaged this tested, reliable, trusted and insider secrets that I learnt during my research from; 55 people who got their own US Visa without stress, the series of Video Interviews of US Consulates, the series of audio interview on US Visa, the series of information I read online in over 80 blogs and the different Seminars that I spent over N200,000 to attend into a special VIDEO and PDF Program that actually helped my dad and 35 of my friends to get their US Visa the second time they all applied without stress.

You Might Be Thinking… What Exactly Is This 4 Fail Proof US Visa Insider Secrets All About…

This 4 Fail Proof Insider Secrets is a set of special, rare, hidden, specific and untold information that allows you to :
  • Avoid the stupid mixtakes that 98% of the inexperienced and so called visa agents out there normally make during the visa application.
  • Know what it takes to be able to get your visa interview timing right.
  • Know what it takes to easily package an error free and highly perceived US visa application all by yourself without wasting over N900,000.
  • Knows what it takes to adequaltely prepare and handle the US Visa interview like a boss.

Instead of Wasting Over N900,000 On The 98% Hungry, Frustuated, In-Experienced, Un-Qualified And So Called Greedy Visa Agents Out There, You Can Now Increases Your Chances By 99% By Using This Powerful, Reliable, Tested And Trusted Secret That Has Worked For Hundreds of Average Nigerians Like You!

Let Me Ask You Some Questions?

  1. Are you planning to apply for a 2 Years USA Visa anytime from now without involving the so called inexperienced and hungry visa agents out there? (Even if you are planning to travel to USA anytime in your life or you know someone who is planning to travel to USA)?
  2. Has your USA Visa been denied several times before now and you find it difficult to know why?
  3. Are you worried, sick and tired of having to pay as much as N900,000 to the so called Visa agents without any possibility of visa approval?
  4. Are you looking for a guaranteed way to easily identify a fake USA Visa agent within 1 minute considering the fact that they are now everywhere (both online and offline).
  5. Are you tired of : poor supply of electricity, water, better waste management, good road and good housing, lack of opportunities, zero welfare programs, selfishness, hate, barbarism, poor water, poor hygienic food, diseases, Infections, lack of Job security, zero hope of getting a good Job after NYSC even if you graduate with a first class, dirty environment, zero organized and civilized settings, bad leadership, zero security, constant threat, epileptic government in Nigeria and many more that we have to endure in Nigeria?
  6. Would you like to learn the special 4 fail proof insider secrets that ordinary Nigerians like you are using right now to successfully and easily get an approved 2 Years Non-Immigrant US Visa without paying a kobo to agents?

If Your Answer Is YES To All Or Any Of The Questions Above.. Then This Is For You. PERIOD!!!

I have written a 50 Paged PDF Program Guide that explains how anyone can successfully apply to get an approved 2 Years Non-Immigrant US Visa without paying a kobo to agents + A VIDEO Program Guide that will show you how you can apply all by yourself from A -Z without paying a kobo to any agent!

USA Visa

This VIDEO And PDF Program Guide is only for a special set of people that want something that will put them at an advantage when applying for their US Visa.

It really does not matter if you are young or old, man or woman, you can use simply use the information inside this VIDEO And PDF Program Guide as from today to properly prepare yourself for your US Visa interview and increase your chances without stress.

Inside This “4 Fail Proof USA Visa Insider Secrets”,You Will Discover…

  1.  What to consider during the INTERVIEW to get the visa.
  2.  Important documents to take along before visiting the embassy for the INTERVIEW.
  3.  5 signs that your visa application will be denied.
  4.  Types of USA visa.
  5.  USA visa fees and USA visa requirements + Acceptable documents for visa application.
  6.  Where to apply for a USA visa.
  7.  How to apply for a USA visa.
  8.  Application procedure -online application form filling – payment of visa fee – how to book your visa interview appointment – visa application supporting documents – interview) – (how to improve your chances – social and economic ties – travel history and – interview performance).
  9. Top mistakes to avoid during your Interview.
  10. Why visa applications are denied.
  11. Likely interview questions at the US embassy.
  12. Visa interview questions and how to answer them.
  13. Tips for Nigerians who relocate to the US.(The major problems Nigerians face in the US, The mistakes some legal Nigerian resident make, ventures to take note of if you want to succeed in the US, what to consider before resolving to live in the US
  14. How to succeed in USA as a Nigerian immigrant.
  15. How to get a permit to work in the US.
  16. Good paying Job ideas for new Nigerian immigrants in the US.
  17. Cheapest places for new immigrants to live in the US. (And Lots More!!!)

What Satisfied And Happy Nigerians Are Saying About The USA VISA VIDEO AND PDF Program…

USA Visa

When You Get The 4 Fail Proof USA Visa Insider Video And Pdf Program Today, You Will Also Get The Following Special Bonuses Worth N300,000 For FREE…

BONUS ONE: The Fastest And Cheapest Way To Get An International Passport In Nigeria

Insider this book, I talked about the fastest and cheapest ways that makes it possible for those who needs an International Passport to get it without stress and delay of having to wait for over 3-4 months in Nigeria.

(Value – N20,000)

BONUS ONE (B) : You Will Qualify Automatically For A FREE USA Visa Consultation Session

(Value – N30,000)

BONUS TWO: Visa Preparatory Video (Video)

This is a special US Visa Video made by 3 US CONSULAR OFFICERS.

It is a special question and answer visa interview question section that will better inform you on everything you really need to know to perform excellently well during your visa interview and visa application.

(Value – FREE)

BONUS THREE: Special Invitation To Join My Paid And Closed Facebook Group And USA VISA Travel Newsletter List

You will be invited to join my paid and closed Facebook support group where you can ask questions and also learn about:
How you can get an 100% FREE Scholarship to study in USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, UK etc.
How you can raise money to travel abroad and also get a travel abroad loan.
For men, how your wife can give birth abroad to get automatic citizenship at an affordable price.

BONUS FOUR: Invitation To Attend My Travel Abroad Made Easy Seminar Next Year

You will qualify automatically to attend this life changing seminar holding in few months time.

(Value – N50,000)

BONUS FIVE: Invitation To Join My USA VISA Newsletter List

In this list, you will be updated daily on different tips, trainings, strategies, lessons, recommendations and most importantly you will be updated whenever I add new content to the PDF Program course for FREE.

(Value – N50,000)

BONUS SIX: How To Renew International Passport Without Chasing An Agent For 4 Months

In this recommended link, you will learn how you can renew your international passport all by yourself without depending on agents that will most likely disappoint you.

(Value – N50,000)

Here Is How You Can Get This 4 Fail Proof USA Visa Insider Secret Video + Pdf Program Today!
You can get instant access to the digital version of the “4 Fail Proof USA Visa Secret Video + Pdf Program” within the next 1 minutes and read/use it anytime you want.

So even if your appointment is tomorrow, the life changing and highly valuable content in this Video + Pdf guides might be the very thing that will allow the US CONSULATE to grant your US Visa.

The price of the life changing and highly valuable VIDEO + PDF PROGRAM + ALL THE BONUSES is a measly N6,500 Only! {If You Get It NOW}!

{Instead of N30,000}

Compare this N6,500 one time Investment to the (1) Over N900,000 that agents would charge you and there is still no probability that you will get the visa and (2) Over N50,000 that other incomplete and less valuable pdf courses out there are currently charging people.


N6,500 puts this highly valuable and life changing program within reach of the vast majority of people. It’s not too expensive for even the humblest beginning Nigerian reading this page right now.
Anyone who’s not serious enough about travelling abroad to USA in 2019 to invest N6,500 into this program isn’t going to take the time to use the step by step methods laid out in the program anyway.
Anyone who is serious enough to put down the price of a fast food dinner or recharge card and buy this program has the opportunity to travel abroad in 2019 by all legal means without spending 1 kobo on agents. {Whether the devil or your village people likes it or not}.

Deposit N6,500 via cash deposit or online transfer or ATM transfer or Mobile APP transfer into:

Bank Name – Zenith Bank
Account Name – Mgbebu Eche Ikekpeazu
Account Number – 2085910577

NOTE: After payment, send the following details below to : (08092052562) with the email subject : “Payment For USA VISA Video & Pdf Guide”

1. Your Full Name.
2. Your Email Address.
3. Date Of Payment.

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