Get Rid of Toxic Backlinks – Unnatural links

Get Rid of Toxic Backlinks – Unnatural links
Get Rid of Toxic Backlinks: Toxic backlinks are unnatural links from sites that can negatively impact SEO.
Use webCEO to discover if there are harmful backlinks to your site.
1. Analyze All Backlinks to Your Site:
Get a list of all external incoming links to your website found by Majestic. Evaluate each linking URL using such parameters as Link text, Link type, URL Trust Flow and URL Citation in the report.
2. Identify Toxic Links:
When the WebCEO Backlink Checker finds toxic links on your website, you will see them in a list marked in red (the Status column). WebCEO has created a specific toxicity formula that helps you detect toxic links and to keep your backlink profile clean and safe.
3. Get Rid of Toxic Links:
Jump to the Toxic Pages tab and review each not-processed linking page URL. If a manual perusal shows them to be really toxic, add them to the disavow list and clear them out:

  1. Get in touch with the website owners and ask them remove the links in question.
  2. Use the Google Disavow Tool to report all toxic links so that Google ignore them. You will generate the disavow list of toxic pages and domains easily within WebCEO at the Disavow List tab.

Get Rid of Toxic BacklinksYou should still make every effort to remove all spammy unnatural links pointing to your site.


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