Fortune Thursday Result For 05-09-2019 Ghana Lotto

Fortune Thursday Result For 05-09-2019 Ghana Lotto
Fortune Thursday result for yesterday 05-09-2019 Ghana lotto has been release to the general public and we believe that no one is happy about the outcome of the result.
Ghana lotto results yesterday was not a favorable one for us but in all, we are going to recover what we lost yesterday on today’s Ghana lotto bonanza draw.
Friday lotto results will be made available to the public by 10:00pm, all you need to do is to keep in-touch with us here at as we will always publish today’s lotto updates here for you.


Fortune thursday result for yesterday 05-09-2019Lotto results yesterday evening Ghana is now online on our website here, just navigate yourself to the category that has then name of the result you are looking for.
Fortune Thursday Lotto Result for Today, Fortune Thursday Results for Tonight. Ghana Lotto Results including Fortune Thursday Winning Numbers.
Find Ghana Fortune Thursday results for 5 September 2019 and also See the historical Fortune Thursday results in magayo Lotto software and play intelligently.

Fortune Thursday Result:
Date: 05-09-2019
Win: 55;70;19;74;26
Mac: 02;68;59;23;12
Congrats to those that WON…………..


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    Today msp last result for today Ghana msp draw result for today was a narrow escape for us and our fans as we got (18) only, please do bare with us.
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