Check Today Bonanza Banker Live For 26/06/2020

Check Today Bonanza Banker Live For 26/06/2020
Bonanza banker live is set and prepared by Abc Naija Lotto team and we are optimistic that we are going to win big in today’s game for sure.
Sure lotto winning numbers from us on today’s Ghana lotto bonanza will drop on the winning box and we will all be happy after the draw time.
NLA early two-sure for ghana lotto friday bonanza two sure will drop live banker also for us and we must invest in this game if you want to win big.
Lotto banker for today is not just one number but a set of numbers with high possibility of falling out during today’s Ghana lotto draw.
Friday bonanza unfailing banker for today is real and will not fail us for any reason, just play the numbers and you see them and then go and relax for good.


Lotto plan set for friday bonanza and it’s today, the plan have always been there and have never failed since it started and many forecasters have made millions with it on different lotto companies.

Check Today Bonanza Banker Live:
Bonanza Banker:

((( 06 )))

Bonanza 2-Sure:

(( 06-44 ))

Lotto Permutation:

(( 39-51-22-02-15-01-08-06-58-44-06-85 ))

Good-Luck To Us On Today’s Ghana Lotto Bonanza Draw<<<<<

Friday Bonanza Lotto Result:
Date: 26/06/2020
Event: #647
Win: 70-12-04-60)-38
Mac: 18-28-11-63-87
Tomorrow will be better……

Previous Lotto Winnings:

  1. Abc Banker 4 Fortune Today 25/06/2020
    Abc Banker 4 fortune for today is ready and the fortune Thursday lotto Ghana and that’s why we setting today Ghana fortune lotto focus.
    THURSDAY FORTUNE BANKER for today is not going to fail us as we are working so hard to make sure we give you the best possible number to drop.
  2. Midweek Ghana Lotto For Today 24/06/2020
    Midweek Ghana Key lotto to day banker will drop like yesterday’s own, we made it live in yesterday Ghana lucky-G draw-midweek unfailing banker.
    Lotto midweek 2sure for today will be a bomber win, Ghana NLA will write our name somewhere because we will hit them very hard for the looses we have encored so far.

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