All Yesterday Premier Lotto Results – Check if You WON

All Yesterday Premier Lotto Results – Check if You WON – Premier lotto results are released daily on Abc Naija .Com website after every draw and the numbers are confirmed. It’s our duty at Abc Naija as your online information resource to bring it closer to your online surf reach as a middle man between premier lotto (Baba Ijebu) and the players and lovers of lotto games.

Here are the results:Premier Lotto Results

Premier lotto Tota result

Premier lotto LUCKY result
SUC: 33-60-52-41-29
MAC: 30-55-79-43-02

Premier lotto MARK II result
SUC: 42-27-15-26-49
MAC: 89-63-64-68-6

Premier lotto ENUGU result
SUC: 30-07-03-11-16
MAC: 77-59-54-67-50

Today’s MSP GHANA LOTTO Forecasting
MSP GHANA LOTTO Forecasting: check national event 2628 68 lapping 36 check msp event 158 in mach 20 lapping 76 and 10 beside position,compare to current in win,check msp event 262 to 264 23sbm following week 20sbw and 12lbm following week 36fbw compare to current frm event 380 to 382,so today 20 to turn to single 2 check msp event 170 22cbw following week 36fbw check msp event 185 to 188 66 played following week 68,72 played position 3weeks down 6 position,compare to current frm event 379 to 382 check msp events 92,211,321,360 34lbw single 3 to drop following week check msp events 86 and 122 76sbw 34,56 dropped following week so today’s unfailing msp 3direct. Todays Game = 57-89-26 Green light, it means, go ahead and play it. Stake Higher.

Last Week Ghana National Result:
Today Ghana National Result for today is out and we have published it here (Abc Naija) for you to check your ticket and see if you have won.

Ghana National Result: